Example Mblem Digital Badges

M-ENGIN, the Engineering Program of M-STEM Academies

Launched in January 2014, M-STEM Academy set out on a new initiative to recognize, validate, and share undergraduate engineering students' co-curricular learning using digital badges to help students engage in reflection and to provide a mechanism for integrating curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities.

The initial set of Mblem digital badges were defined into eight broad categories to which students can apply many different kinds of co-curricular experiences: Community Service, Cross-Cultural Experiences, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Ethics, Intellectual Curiosity, Leadership, Professional Development, and Science and Engineering Research. These categories align with the values and characteristics that the M-STEM Academy has established for its student community. Within each category, students can demonstrate their depth of expertise by earning three progressive levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

"Special" Mblem Digital Badges

In addition to the standard set of digital badges, the leaders of M-STEM Academy wanted to recognize students who are selected to represent the program to university applicants, parents, and corporate representatives as well as students who make substantive contributions to the learning community. These special Mblem digital badges are therefore awarded to students by the program directly.

Special M-STEM Representative Badge
Special M-STEM Family Legacy Badge

Students can let anyone view their earned awards through the Mozilla Backpack